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    Backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, the TRIPP team brings a proven track record as entrepreneurs who deliver award-winning products and services for their customers.

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    TRIPP is working with top scientists, physicians and academia to pioneer substance-free solutions that utilize technology in beneficial and impactful ways for mental wellness issues.


    While TRIPP is currently only available to Corporations and Research, we will be launching a personal use version in the near future.

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TRIPP for Enterprises

We have built the world’s best break. The TRIPP platform increases employee mental wellness through short, impactful, immersive experiences that change every day to drive engagement and retention with measurable results.

  • Targeted Audio & Visual Stimuli
  • Mindfulness Structures
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  • Flow State Generating Interactions
  • Social Integrations
  • Daily Updates to Drive Adherence

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TRIPP for Research

TRIPP is working with our research partners to build digital therapies that target mental health issues. We use virtual reality and mobile software solutions in combination. VR multiplies effectiveness through deep immersion and the mobile app drives adherence to the program. With TRIPP, mental wellness research is becoming more data-driven and results focused than ever before.


Coming in 2019 - TRIPP for Personal Use

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TRIPP is part of a growing movement that is using technology in beneficial ways to help people feel better.  In 2019, we will launch tools you can use to manage your own sense of well being.

TRIPP offers a catalog of experiences (aka "TRIPPs") that target different feelings. We use the immersion of virtual reality to increase the impact and mobile personalization tools, AI and machine learning to deliver the best solution just for you. Every day we deliver a new and adaptive experience that gets better the more you do it.

Join us in our commitment to help drive personal transformations.