About TRIPP®

TRIPP® is the fitness solution for your inner self.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, Nanea Reeves (CEO) and Zack Norman (President) founded TRIPP in 2017 after a long working relationship leading start-up companies both together and apart to several successful outcomes. Their expertise as entrepreneurs spans launching new platforms with award-winning content development, cross-platform distribution, community/multiplayer environments and eCommerce services that have generated significant revenue and over $1BN in exits.

Apart from their extraordinary business track record, it’s TRIPP’s mission that makes the company’s undertaking to help people through the use of technology deeply personal for Nanea, Zack, and the entire TRIPP team.

TRIPP’s first product is an immersive wellness service that combines virtual reality with machine learning to adapt and change the TRIPP experience with each session — providing an experience that adapts to each user with consistent usage.

The design of the TRIPP experience leverages a large body of existing research on the use of technology in the mental wellness arena and utilizes proven mindfulness structures, targeted sound frequencies, visuals and interactions that have a multiplicative effect when administered through immersion.

The TRIPP® System is currently available as an Employee Wellness offering in the workplace supporting some of the world’s biggest companies who care about the wellbeing of their workforce.

TRIPP is also broadly available to researchers in the medical industry and academia looking for non-chemical digital alternatives to manage mental health issues. The TRIPP team believes in enabling agency over how a person feels and is working to release TRIPP for Personal use soon.

The real world impact TRIPP is having on the lives of people currently using it in the workplace, addiction recovery and palliative care is a glimpse into the truly transformative growth and potential that immersive therapeutics can aid in improving mental and emotional states.