An adaptive digiceutical immersive wellness platform.

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Emotions are expensive.

80 percent of workers in the US say that their job gives them anxiety. 1 million people will stay home from work today because of stress. All of this mental pain is costing the nation’s economy over $300 billion every single year. And it isn’t getting better.

Businesses today aren’t improving their workers mental health. In fact, they’re actually making it worse. Much worse. Objective studies show that the organizational structure and operational culture of most companies is increasing stress-related productivity issues buy 400 percent year over year.

But what about the businesses of tomorrow?

We are a group of designers, coders, game makers and forward thinkers. Together, we are leveraging the world’s most advanced immersive technology to create substance-free mental and emotional therapies. Together, we are building a better break. Together, we are TRIPP.

TRIPP combines video, audio and gamified VR stimulus with the most up-to-date methodologies from therapists around the world. After our experiences, workers report measurable increases in their sense of emotional well being.

TRIPP helps workers reduce anxiety, increase their┬áneuroplasticity and enter a “flow” state. This means they work smarter, harder, healthier and happier. That’s good news for everyone.

It’s time for a safe, measurable and effective mental therapy at work. It’s time for a better break.

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