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    TRIPP selected as a TOP PICK at CES 2019 by Washington Post.

    By Geoffrey A. Fowler, Washington Post January 8, 2019 LAS VEGAS TRIPP uses images like this one in virtual reality to change your mindset. Mood-altering VR: TRIPP So far, entertainment is the biggest use for virtual reality. A startup called Tripp wants to use to it help you chill out. Strap on a headset and…

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    TRIPP Announces a $4MM Series A Investment Led by Mayfield

    Today we’re excited to announce a $4MM Series A round investment led by Tim Chang, partner at Mayfield. Tim is a proven investor & champion of VR, who has partnered with the founders of ngMoco (acquired be DeNA), Playdom (acquired by Disney), Basis (acquired by Intel), and Moat (acquired by Oracle). This will allow our…

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