TRIPP selected as a TOP PICK at CES 2019 by Washington Post.

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By Geoffrey A. Fowler, Washington Post
January 8, 2019

TRIPP uses images like this one in virtual reality to change your mindset.

Mood-altering VR: TRIPP

So far, entertainment is the biggest use for virtual reality. A startup called Tripp wants to use to it help you chill out. Strap on a headset and the Tripp software transports you to a groovy land, where an always-changing kaleidoscope of images and concentration games try to shift your mental state. Its makers say they’ve seen a mood shift of over 20 percent per session, on average. I tried it in one of the least-Zen places on earth — CES — and felt calmer in under 10 minutes. Its makers call it an “adaptive digiceutical,” a mental health prescription that doesn’t require a pill.

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