Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob Joins TRIPP as Creative Director

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When I first met Justin Boreta, I felt like I found a kindred spirit. Through an introduction by TRIPP board member Tim Chang, I discovered that Justin is an extremely talented musician and someone who incorporates mindfulness into his everyday life. His work with The Glitch Mob is renowned, but he has also developed a deep meditation practice that has influenced his life and his decision framework. I knew his work and mine would complement one another.

It was only when Justin and our team discussed the technical approach to creating an adaptive sound layer for TRIPP that I knew I wanted him to be a part of the company. His ideas immediately inspired our engineering team to leap into action, and I wanted to keep that kind of partnership alive.

My initial thought was that Justin should serve on our Advisory Board and guide the company’s music and sound experience, which is a critical element in delivering the efficacy of our product. There is a significant amount of research on the psychological and physiological effects of music and its power to affect our emotions and stress levels. Further, sound therapy is evolving into treatment areas such as pre-surgery anxiety reduction and long-term pain management that were previously only addressed with prescribed drugs.

Justin blew away me and my partner Zack Norman (TRIPP’s president and co-founder) when after several meetings,  rather than accepting our Advisory Board position, he proposed to join TRIPP as Creative Director. While still focusing on his other projects, Justin also wanted to be a more significant part of our journey, as he deeply believes in our mission to create a solution that helps people be happier and more productive in their lives. He then introduced us to his partner, Matt Davis, an award-winning musician and producer of exceptional interactive audio/visual experiences. Together they work under the entity Superposition, which will have an ongoing partnership with us to drive, develop and deliver the musical direction of the TRIPP service.

The entire team is excited to start this collaboration with Justin and Matt and we welcome them into the TRIPP family.

– Nanea Reeves

CEO & Co-Founder