TRIPP PsyAssist

Want to be at the forefront of the emerging convergence between mental health, technology, and consciousness?

TRIPP is excited to launch a new business segment to address the growing spectrum of challenges we are facing around the world with respect to mental health and well-being.

TRIPP PsyAssist will soon be offering innovative, research-based protocols and related content to safely support therapists and patients. Join the TRIPP PsyAssist waitlist and be the first to know when this new service offering becomes available.

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In recent years, psychedelic molecules have moved from being categorized as illegal, Schedule I substances to central components in groundbreaking clinical treatments for mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Yet, even with ongoing clinical trials of psychedelic-assisted therapies and the clinical availability of ketamine to address mental health issues, patients need support with onboarding, pre-session anxiety reduction, and post-session integration, whether in-clinic or at home.

TRIPP PsyAssist will initially provide research based, practitioner designed support for ketamine-assisted therapy and expand from there. Our initial offering will help reduce patient anxiety before treatment and provide integration support post-treatment by combining TRIPP’s VR, AR, and mobile platforms, along with targeted protocols for psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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