TRIPP is excited to participate in key research initiatives to drive the digital health revolution forward. Our standalone VR and mobile toolkit are able to support research initiatives that need to scale, require adherence and return high-quality data


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We are pioneering substance-free mental health solutions that use technology in beneficial ways.

TRIPP is proud to work with and collaborate with some of the best medical and academic professionals in the digital health arena. These relationships are key to our success in building solutions with real impact.

Our Clinical Advisors

  • Walter Greenleaf, PhD
    Stanford University, Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Director of Technology Strategy at National Mental Health Innovation Center

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  • National Mental Health Innovation Center, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

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TRIPP's product design approach is to leverage existing research in the use of technology applications in the area of mental health and wellness and bring that all together in TRIPP's proprietary Immersive Wellness experiences.