Device Management

Device Manage­ment

Connect to TRIPP® on all of your devices

Pairing your devices:

To make the most of the TRIPP® system, you will want to pair your mobile device with your VR device. This enables you to track your moods that you log, and also to customize your VR experience with photos and images that are meaningful to you. Here’s how you do it:


1. Download the TRIPP® Mobile app from the app store


2. Log in to the mobile app, using the email and password you used to create your account
(if you don’t remember what you used, you can recover your information here)

3. Click on your Avatar image to access profile settings

4. Select VR devices

5. Select Connect to a VR Session

6. Set down your phone and pick up your VR device

7. Open the TRIPP® VR app

8. Click Login with your controller

9. Enter the code that is displayed into your mobile phone

That’s it! Your devices will remain paired even if you turn them off. You will have to manually log out or unpair your devices for them to no longer be connected (see below).

Un-pairing your devices:

If at any time you decide to un-pair this connection, you can do so from your mobile phone.

Note: Multiple devices can be paired simultaneously, you do not have to un-pair to connect to an additional device.

1. Click on your Avatar image to access profile settings

2. Select VR devices

3. Touch the device you would like to un-pair, and slide it to the left

4. Touch the trash icon

Your devices are now un-paired. To restore the connection, follow the pairing steps above.