Andreja Djokovic


Andreja Djokovic and his development team have worked with Nanea and Zack for many years. Prior to becoming TRIPP’s Chief Technology Officer, Andreja has been working on the bleeding edge of technologies for over a decade and a half through his game development company, Babaroga.

After graduating from The University of Illinois with degrees in Psychology, Math, and Computer Science, Andreja attended a PhD program in Pharmacology with an emphasis on Cardiology and Neuroscience. In 1995, Andreja decided what he really wanted to do was “make video games” and he joined the growing tech field as a software engineer — never imagining that he would one day combine his neuroscience background with software development as he is now doing at TRIPP.

In 2002, Andreja started Babaroga, and has been riding the wave of innovation ever since across multiple platforms including Android and iOS, Zune, Windows Phone, Windows 8 / XBOX, Oculus, Vive and Google’s DaydreamVR. With every wave of platform disruption and change, Andreja and Babaroga likely collaborated on a platform launch title – including EA Sports Tiger Woods ‘09, Need for Speed, Transformers, Tetris and Golden Tee Golf among other titles.

Andreja has successfully built a technology development company that has been trusted to deliver groundbreaking, innovative, high production quality content, and on time. He now brings that same expertise to TRIPP. No stone unturned.