Chola The Dog

Director Of Emotional Support & Security

Chola is responsible for the emotional well-being of the entire TRIPP team. It is a big charter but Chola’s unique journey through the mean streets of East LA have made her well suited for the hard-knocks life of an entrepreneur. New to the tech industry, Chola’s previous positions have been primarily focused in the home security sector. Having survived a vicious attack recently from another dog forced Chola to understand the precious nature of life and she decided to only work on meaningful things that can help a lot of people. At TRIPP, Chola’s unique skillset of jumping into laps of strangers wearing black clothes, chasing her tail and chewing on doggie treats during team stand-ups has helped us all connect with our more playful nature as we build out our TRIPP launch product. Diversity is important to TRIPP and having a dog on our team has helped us all be better humans.