Hyosung Han

Chief Architect, SVP Of Engineering

Hyosung is the CTO at TRIPP. With over 15 years’ experience as a technology leader, architect, and hands-on developer, he has built many scalable services for gaming, mobile, and social products.

Prior to TRIPP, Hyosung was part of the Social Infrastructure initiative at Riot Games, supporting social platforms serving over 100 million monthly active users world-wide. Before that, he was Chief Architect and VP of Engineering at textPlus, responsible for modernizing the messaging platform that served many millions of messages to mobile devices every day. At Six Degrees Games, Hyosung was CTO and Chief Architect, building a virtual world for kids featuring content from MLB, NBA, and ESPN. As Director of Systems Architecture at Electronic Arts, he worked with the Global Platforms Group to design EA’s central identity and commerce platform.

Hyosung had a passion for video games from early on, starting from text-based games on his PC-XT. This motivated him to learn programming, and ultimately influenced his decision to study computer science and join the tech industry.